Back Country Horsemen of the Flathead


Library Materials


(Updated January 2007)




1994 BCH Officer Installation Buster Yellow Kidney (speaker)

30th Anniversary of BCH of the Flathead

A Whole Bit Better Bitting Basics

An Ax to Grind (1 and 2 together)

Basic Trail Maintenance USFS

BCH Come Join Us!

BCH Packing Clinic 2004 (Tapes 1 and 2)

Bear Pepper Spray (two copies)

Chain Saw Safety

Constructing Trail Switchbacks, USFS

Equine First Aid

Equine Medical Emergency

Equine Video Journal, Volume 1

Equine Video Journal, Volume 3

Every Time Every Ride

Feel the Difference: Trailering Trouble Free

First Aid for Horses Volumes 1 and 2

Ghost Riders Leave No Trace Banff National Park

Glacier Park Travel Channel

Ground Handling Horses Safely

Hand Tools for Trail Work Parts I and II

Hell Roaring Project by Roger Inghram

Historical Foundation #10 BCH, #11 BCH and #12 BCH

Horse Safety Defensive Course (4 Tapes Required by the FS)

Human First Aid

Trail and Transportation Safety

Packing Safety and Saddle Fitting

Horse Health and Care

Horse Safety Defensive Course 2006 (Tapes 1, 2 and 3)

Horsemanship First Aid

Horse Sense

Introduction to Lumber Bunks

Large Animal Rescue

Melcher Montana

Monty Roberts: A Real Horse Whisperer

Moose Creek Selway River Fertilizer Pack

Mountain Manners BCH of Idaho

Mulemanship I

No Trace Backpacking Preserving Forest Solitude

Packing Equipment: Rely on the Originals

Packing Skills and Horsemanship

Pat Parelli's Natural Horsemanship, Parts 1, 2 and 5

Preparing to Survive

Ragg Station Project by Roger Inghram

Ride Safely

Safe Horsemanship by Robert Miller, DVM

Smoke Elser Packing Techniques

Smoke Elser's 2006 Packing Clinic (at Knotts' arena)

Surface Water Control Techniques Trail Maintenance

Trail Riding Rules of the Road

Trails in Wet Areas Turrnpike Puncheon Construction

Understanding Horses - R. Miller, DVM

Walt Verman Clinic

Wilderness Horse Travel Techniques and Equipment





Forest Service Trail Reports 2004

Mule Packing - Decker Style by Bob Hoverson

Natural Balance Hoof Trimming

Natural Balance Shoeing (2 discs)

Ride Safely by Clinton Anderson





Basic First Aid Course, North Valley Hospital

Be Bear Aware

Crosscut Saw Manual

Horse Care Fast Facts Questions and Answers

Horseman's Scrapbook

Horses for Dummies

Horses Never Lie

How to be Your Own Veterinarian

John Lyon's Communicating with Cues I

John Lyon's Communicating with Cues II

John Lyon's Communicating with Cues III

John Lyon's Perfect Horsekeeping

John Lyons' Perfectly Practical Advice on Horsemanship

John Lyon's Private Lessons

John Lyons' Raising and Feeding the Perfect Horse

John Lyon's Veterinary Care for the Perfect Horse

Noxious Weeds (3 books)

        Montana Noxious Weeds Handbook

        Montana Weed Management Plan

        Riparian Weed Management Handbook

Packin' In on Mules and Horses by Elser and Brown

Pat Parelli's Natural Horsemanship

Trail Construction

USFS Trail Construction and Maintenance

Western Training Theory and Practice